Heaven's Operahouse

from by Art Vandalay

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Verse 1:
Come running to the edge of a cliff with the breeze blowing from behind
Not sure if your faith is there to leap this time
‘Cause you left your parachute hangin’ on a coat rack in an apartment
In the middle of a city filled with tiny tragedies

So take to the paths with well-worn shoes
‘Cause the wolves will chase you down in the pale moon
But do not fear these deeply treaded pastures
Where wise men tend to fall
‘Cause greed is the poison apple they feed us all

When you’re high up in the clouds, in the rafters above
Heaven’s little opera house where anyone can sing
You’re free as a bird but caged as a lion
Oh sometimes, we’re just lyin’ to ourselves

Verse 2:
Their pearls of wisdom oh how they string you along
Leave you hangin’ ‘round the neck of a woman left at the ball
Where the orchestra is playin’ the same sad waltz
Abandoned by a night that promised it all

The pillars of the world they hold up the beach
Where we walk hand in hand along the edge of a dream
It’s a doubled-sided blade, sharp as the lion’s teeth
Damned if you do and damned if you fail
But those wolves are on our trail


And the symphony in your head is playing for life or death
Tryin’ to keep the time with the song running through your head
But what do you do when the dream they sold you was dead on arrival?
And ain’t never coming back

Verse 3:
You know you’re on the edge of something with a quiet urgency
The night pulls a curtain on all the secrets that you keep
In this little apartment, it’s a lover’s travesty
To be standin’ a balcony, with no one making a speech



from Heaven's Operahouse, track released January 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Art Vandalay St Paul, Minnesota

Art Vandalay delivers a rich sound that sways and swaggers with an understated bravado. Not only does the core trio lay down their rootsy groove, but adding to the magic is local guitarist Colin Monette whose reverb soaked guitars and Chris Horgan’s sea-shanty accordion brings a whole new flavor to Art Vandalay’s distinctive sound that the Duluth News-Tribune calls "impossibly catch." ... more

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